Proto-Space: Driving Original Data Contributions Through Gaming

As part of an initiative to gather original data for model training, I'm resuming development of "Proto-Space", a game I began when I first delved into coding. Here's an overview of the current vision for it:

Proto-Space: Game Synopsis


- Integrates with a broader application ecosystem.

- A 2D space odyssey enriched by dynamically generated content via LLM.

Game Dynamics:

- Solar systems unfold as players leap to uncharted spaces on the galaxy map. Each system is generated when players jump to a space on the galaxy map.

- Every adventure is immortalized; generated data remains persistent in the game world.

- The galaxy map is divided into 3 quadrants with 42 potential systems overall to visit.

- Initial access is limited, expanding from the outskirts toward the center.

- At the galaxy's core, a bot unravels cosmic truths, potentially marking end-game content or a prelude to expansions, hinging on future developmental visions.

Interactions & Combat:

- Engage in strategic turn-based combat where NPC dialogues are pivotal to game progression.

- "Hail" any NPC. Responses are formulated using Logic Analysis, considering NPC data, player decisions, and the current game environment.

- Every choice, every confrontation, influences subsequent NPC interactions.

Dive into an NPC Interaction:

- Immerse yourself in role-play, guided by the NPC dossier, your game trajectory, and prior interactions.

- Encounter a diverse array of NPCs, each with their unique narratives and missions.

- NPCs' reactions to players vary along a spectrum, swayed by player choices.

- Combat isn't solely about physical confrontation; dialogues can shape the outcome. However, the option to retreat is infrequently available.

- Some NPCs convey real-world tales, granting players a glimpse into multifaceted human experiences, and simultaneously enhancing AI conversational capabilities.

More info to come soon. -Ren