Dear Visitor,

We're excited about the recent improvements in technology, especially in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These advancements are opening up new possibilities every day.

We've noticed that a lot of big companies are using AI to make money, sometimes without considering important factors like safety and how it affects society. This profit-driven approach may not always be in the best interest of us, the users.

The visions of AI, as seen through technologies like Chat GPT, holds immense promise. However, we've observed that the voices and perspectives from minority groups are often underrepresented in the training data that shapes these AI models. We're committed to fostering a more inclusive approach by amplifying these diverse voices in the data. This, we believe, will pave the way for a more positive and inclusive outlook in the resultant models, ensuring that the AI serves as a beneficial tool for all.

We are a group of dedicated individuals with a knack for technology, striving to make AI safe and beneficial for everyone. We understand there's a long road ahead, but we're committed to creating a safer, AI-friendly future for the coming generations.

In recent months, we've grown our understanding of AI development, but there's still a need for more resources to bring our ideas to life. Training an AI model requires a good amount of computer memory and a large collection of text data.

Every AI model is unique because of the specific data they're trained on. Our plan is to use new and original data for training.

This website will introduce visitors to a "Constellation of Bots." The conversations generated here will help us train new models.

Thank you for your interest in this project. You can reach us at [email protected]

Warmest Regards,
The Team at Darkstar Integrated Systems